Black Jazz Records: A Totally New Jazz Experience




Black Jazz Records was introduced to the public in the early 70’s by Mr. Dick Schory & Gene Russell. As A&R Mr. Russell recognized the need for a jazz music record label which would produce and distribute quality recordings targeted toward the growing market of African Spiritual Jazz.

In it’s heyday, Black Jazz Records represented a new and fresh alternative to traditional jazz, embodying the spirit of the black/urban awakening of the civil rights period. During it’s six year existence, the record label made a major impact on the jazz world, both domestically and in foreign territories.  In 1976, after the untimely death of it’s founder and after the demise of it’s distributor, Black Jazz Records ceased operations. However, it left behind a proven catalog of inspirational jazz music which had never been made publicly available on the digital technology of the compact disc.  Click Here to read more of the Black Jazz story. Click the album covers above to experience a Totally New Jazz Experience.

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