Behind The Beat: Hip Hop Home Studio by Rafael Rashid [Book Reprint]


It’s been 8 years since the original pressing of Behind the Beat: Hip Hop Home Studio by author Rafael (Raph) Rashid.  Now the visually stunning hardcover book is back in print. The revealing photographs found within the pages of Behind the Beat expose the creative spaces of top DJs and music producers from the UK and US. This book is an open invitation to step into the private world of the hip hop home studio and discover the settings in which some of your favorite hip hop classics were created.


Behind The Beat: Hip Hop Home Studio features the studios, homes, crates, equipment, shelves and work spaces of some of your favorite DJs and producers.   Behind The Beat gives you an exclusive look inside the creative work spaces of DJ Premier, the late great J DILLA, DJ Spinna, Skitz, Nextmen, Taskforce, DJ Swamp, DJ Cheapshot, E-Swift, Beyond There, Kut Masta Kurt, Fat Jack, Herbaliser, Runaways, Jehst, Beatminerz, DJ Shadow, DJ Design, Dan the Automator, Chief Xcel, Braintax, Young Einstein, Numark, Cut Chemist, Thes One, J zone and Mario Caldato Jr.

Pictures were taken by the Australian hip hop artist, author, record label and clothing label owner Rafael Rashid aka Raph who travelled for 4 years to take shots of the intimate-creative labs of the producers. “I like J Dilla’. So minimal and open… He didn’t have lots of equipment, and one of the aims of the book was to show that producers can do their thing with limited gear and at home… It’s more about what you do than what you have…” 


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