Meet The Baylors

ImageMeet The Baylors! The husband and wife duo that most may already know separately as r&b/jazz singer Jean Baylor (former member of the ’90s r&b duo Zhane’) and jazz drummer Marcus Baylor (The Yellowjackets, Kenny Garrett and Cassandra Wilson). The Baylors have come together musically to produce and present the forthcoming The Baylor Project.  This highly anticipated project is allowing both artists to express their gifts as individuals but still work together as a unit.  The Baylor Project pays homage to a wide range of musical influences spanning jazz, blues, soul and gospel creating an eclectic sound of feel good music. This past November music lovers were treated to “More In Love” the first single and video from the forthcoming project and both were met with rave reviews.  But before this entire project can take the world by storm the Baylors need our help to complete their labor of love. As a way to fund the completion of the project the Baylors have set up a Debut CD fund raiser via Indiegogo that is affordable and fun for all! Check out their campaign welcome video below and visit The Baylor Project Indiegogo Page for contribution information and details. #BeALight and support this project!

Below enjoy “More In Love” the first single and video from the forthcoming The Baylor Project:


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