The ‘Fearless’ Pen Of Maya Azucena [Video]


We know acclaimed artist/activist/ambassador Maya Azucena has a ‘Fearless’ pen when it comes to penning empowering songs of strength and courage.  This Brooklyn-bred global artist travels the world to uplift and give hope with every lyric.  As Maya inspires around the globe she is also inspired by the places she visits and the people she meets.  On a trip to Uganda in early 2013 Maya was so inspired by the women she met from the BeadForLife organization that she penned the soul-rousing anthem ‘Fearless’ as a tribute to the women of Uganda and their warrior spirit.

The song also celebrates the launch of her MAZU Collection.  MAZU is Azucena’s signature line of handmade jewelry in collaboration with BeadForLife in which she is also the proud Artist Ambassador for the organization.

Below is Maya’s visual masterpiece for the ‘Fearless’ single.  The video is a creative and visually uplifting message of fearlessness and empowerment dedicated to all women around the world.

Enjoy and Be The Fearless You!

Fearless it is the action of Peace
Confidence uninterrupted by doubt
It is walking boldly despite your shortcomings
Because you’ve owned them
It is loving yourself enough to accept failure
As just one rainy day and keep it moving
It is not the absence of Fear
It is courage in its Face

– For Fearless Women Everywhere –

Visit Maya Azucena’s Official Website For More Info –


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