LET’S GET IT ON! Vote YES for the USPS Marvin Gaye Commemorative Stamp


It’s been 30 years since the untimely death (April 1, 1984) of Marvin Gaye, one of music’s most prolific and influential singer/songwriter/musicians of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Marvin Gaye’s contribution to soul music in general and Motown in particular went beyond just individual songs.  By the 70’s his albums in their entirety were concept albums addressing social issues, sexual politics and personal relationship agony, that often times went against the Motown formula of carefully avoiding controversial issues. Marvin Gaye was a passionate visionary and an innovative singer/songwriter/musician.  His albums went on to become landmark recordings that offer love, insight and reassurance to every generation past, present and future.


On April 14, 2014 Carla Johnson, Zeola Gaye and Janis Gaye created the Vote For The Marvin Gaye USPS Stamp Campaign Via Facebook to get a million signatures to give Marvin the honor that he rightfully deserves, by presenting the Marvin Gaye USPS Commemorative Postage Stamp.  Please SIGN THE PETITION and help spread the word around the world, so that EVERYONE has the opportunity to SIGN THE PETITION and make this dream a reality! NOW is the time… so LET’S GET IT ON! It’s OVER DUE!




One thought on “LET’S GET IT ON! Vote YES for the USPS Marvin Gaye Commemorative Stamp

  1. Marvin Gaye was an astute musical lyricist genius!! He was ahead of his time and our time too. The “What’s Going On,” album that was deemed doomed, became as iconic as Marvin. After thirty years of his passing, Marvin Gaye is the most talked about and loved singer of all time. He should be graced on our USPS stamp. We are asking fans to write letters to the USPS STAMP ADVISORY COMMITTEE in his behalf. I have already submitted two letters . Please join me and others. WE MUST BE HIS VOICE!! For more info type “Vote Yes for the Marvin Gaye Commemorative Stamp,” on Facebook!!!

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