Ahmed Sirour Presents…Collaborations Vol. 1

 Pianist/Producer/Artist Ahmed Sirour is no stranger to Skoolwerk Apparel.  We have been fans of the very talented Mr. Sirour since we were introduced to his work via an Eric Roberson remix contest circa 2009/2010. We’ve listened and watched Ahmed Sirour grow musically and expand his territory over the years.  He is an artist that continues to carve out his own lane and makes music on his own terms. Ahmed’s passion for music is evident as he further bridges the gap between jazz, bossa, house, soul, r&b and classical music while putting his own Ahmed Sirour stamp on it all.

Ahmed Sirour Presents… Collaborations Vol. 1 is his latest offering that finds him collaborating with some of his amazing and talented friends to include acclaimed opera singer Janinah Burnett, Stacy Epps, Cleveland P. Jones, Michelle Escoffery, Teri Tobin and many more.  While traveling around Europe over the past few years, Ahmed took some time to record a few of the beautiful songs included on this project which he is debuting for the first time, ever!   The compilation is a combination of collaborative songs that have been previously released by Ahmed himself, songs released by the featured artists solely on their projects and new unreleased debut recordings.  Another great thing that makes this project worth every penny is that Ahmed showcases and introduces us to brand new talent that we may not have ever heard before.  So whether you are just discovering the music of Ahmed Sirour or you are already familiar with his talent you won’t be disappointed! Definitely a must for your fall playlist!

Preview and Purchase Ahmed Sirour Presents… Collaborations Vol. 1 via the bandcamp player above.  Official full album release is Tuesday October 7. Spread The Word! #SupportIndieMusic

Track Listing

01.  Beautiful Soul feat. Jae Franklin

02.  Warm Rain feat. Myles Kayne

03.  Soon I Will Be Done (radio version) feat. Janinah Burnett

04.  No Words feat. Julia Cinna

05.  Let’s Wait feat. Sophia Pascual

06.  Desire (The Hidden Places) feat. Teisha Marie

07.  Not Ready feat. Michelle Escoffery

08.  Afro Blue feat. Cleveland P. Jones

09.  Take My Time feat. Stacy Epps

10.  In Your Arms The Fanatix feat. Kadija Kamara

11.  Whatcha Say remix feat. Teri Tobin 


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