The Mourning After: a Protest album by Ahmed Sirour

a0301802686_10Through the sadness, through the anger, through the frustration, musician/producer Ahmed Sirour releases a soul stirring and spiritually moving EP that addresses the current racial and social injustice in America.  The Mourning After: a Protest album is a 5 song EP that was created to give hope through music.  Ahmed’s intent through this powerful album is to help us all find a path through the madness, begin a healing process while encouraging peaceful protest for a better tomorrow.

Ahmed is joined by just two guest artists on this project, Metropolitan Opera House singer Janinah Burnett and trumpeter Farnell Newton (Jill Scott, Bootsy Collins, Mike Phillps, Liv Warfield, Jarrod Lawson).

So as we look forward to 2015 (in a matter of days), we must also look forward to a new year with greater expectation for change, greater expectation for peace and greater expectation for equality for all mankind worldwide.


Preview and support this phenomenal album via the music player below and click here to read the emotional words from producer Ahmed Sirour (pictured above).


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