Jazz re:freshed Photography Art Book + Live Album

Jazz re:freshed

We’re super excited about this new photography art book coming from UK’s Jazz re:freshed collective.  “Jazz re:freshed 2003-2014” documents over ten years of the Jazz re:freshed live music nights in West London.  In 2003 Jazz re:freshed humbly began to establish it’s brand by hosting intimate live performances every Thursday night.  The night quickly grew to become a weekly movement that was not to be missed.  In a packed, standing room only venue fans and enthusiasts are treated to up close and personal performances by an array of well-established, as well as up and coming jazz, soul and world music bands, both homegrown and international.  Jazz re:freshed is the place to be in West London whether you’re being introduced to new artists and bands or experiencing JRF favorites like Kaidi Tatham and Mark de Clive Lowe.

Jazz re:freshed

On May 7th Jazz re:freshed will release their photography art book and as an added bonus each book will come with a free album of music “Jazz re:freshed Live Vol. 1″ recorded live at the Jazz re:freshed Mau Mau bar weekly sessions. The live album features Cory Henry, Zara McFarlane, Astral Travel, Abdul Shyllon, Thousand Kings and many, many more!

Jazz re:freshed Live Volume One

The Jazz re:freshed goal was to create a cultural scrapbook archiving and documenting Jazz re:freshed visually and sonically while creating an opportunity for JRF attendees to be more connected to the publishing process by submitting photos, words and experiences to be included in the book.

To order please visit Jazz re:freshed

*Limited book run. Don’t wait. Order now!


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