“I Need A Day To Pray” – New Book by Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell

I Need A Day To Pray by Tina Campbell

Gospel singer, author and reality star Mary Mary‘s Tina Campbell has released her powerful new book “I Need A Day To Pray.”   Fans and viewers of the Mary Mary reality show are well aware of the tumultuous year that Tina Campbell and her family had in 2014.  No stone was left unturned while the cameras rolled as Tina revealed to the world the many challenges she faced from her husband’s infidelity to postpartum depression to career changes, financial issues and the loss of her father.  Everything was included in the show which allowed fans and viewers to get a clearer picture of what life was like for the gospel star during that difficult time.

 Tina Campbell

Through the pain, the tears, the let downs, the emotional highs and lows, the prayers and ultimately forgiveness and renewed faith, Tina Campbell birthed her book “I Need A Day To Pray” along with her debut solo album “It’s Personal.

What started out as personal journals to God, over time and through prayer, “I Need A Day To Pray” came forth.  We’re sure that Tina Campbell’s testimony along with her uplifting spirit filled debut solo album “It’s Personal” will bless the lives of many around the world. We know that God used Tina Campbell for His glory to be a blessing to us all.  So grab the book, grab the album, grab a comfortable seat and take a day to pray!

In the video below Tina Campbell personally shares a few excerpts from “I Need A Day To Pray.”

“My life looked pretty good on the outside. I’m a preacher’s kid who was basically born and raised in church. I came to know God as a kid, got serious about Him as a teen, then changed my mind and strayed, but came back to Him as a young adult. I loved the Lord and chose to have a relationship with Him but I struggled, for many years, to have a committed walk.” 



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